• Personalized Lily Flower Leather Guitar Strap
  • Personalized Lily Flower Guitar Strap
  • Turquoise Flower Women's Hand Tooled Leather Guitar Strap
  • Adjustable Graphic
  • Turquoise Flower Women's Hand Tooled Leather Guitar Strap
  • Turquoise Flower Women's Hand Tooled Leather Guitar Strap

Personalized Turquoise Lily Flower Hand Tooled Leather Guitar Strap


Create that beautiful look with this Personalized Turquoise Lily Flower Leather Guitar Strap. This floral guitar strap includes an original hand tooled design with turquoise flowers that make it pop!


Personalized Lily flower Guitar Stap

This gorgeous personalized lily guitar strap is more than just a musical accessory. This hand-drawn original design is only found at The Leather Smithy. This guitar strap design captures the feminine beauty of Lily flowers. Look a little closer and you can see the detailed artwork of the vines, portraying that flowers are not just beautiful, but are also complex.

Why Lily Flowers?

In ancient times, Lily flowers were associated with the Greek Goddess: Hera, or the Roman Goddess: Juno. Due to their beauty, Lilies symbolized purity and innocence. Lilies were also found in French legend, and in the Fleur-De-Lis, as the flower of the divine. In French legend, Lilies began to grow from the tears of Eve as she left Eden. They also symbolized the purity and innocence of the Virgin Mary. The three pedal shapes of the Fleur-De-Lis represented the trinity, signifying devine right. In China, lilies are often found at weddings as a sign of good luck. Lilies brought 100 years of good luck.

Handcrafted with care. Stunningly beautiful design.

• Hand-drawn original Lily design found ONLY at The Leather Smithy!
• Handcrafted from high-quality 6-7 oz full-grain leather
• Personalized this strap with a name or initials. Any name with 6 letters or less, 1″ size lettering will be used. Any name with more than 6 letters, 3/4″ lettering will be used. Max 8 letters.
• Hand-drawn, cut, carved, tooled, stamped, painted, dyed, and finished by the shop owner
• Includes a water-resistant finish
• Hand painted Turquoise blue flowers
• Includes a 1″ wide adjustment strap, and a 2.5″ wide body strap.
• Pick from Standard or Big & Tall Long length options. If you are 6 foot tall or taller, or like to wear your guitar strap lower, I would recommend choosing the Big & Tall Long option. Length is the full measurement of the entire guitar strap
• Won’t slip on your shoulder or stain your shirt as each guitar strap contains an unlined undyed natural suede underside
• Contains two industry standard pin holes for easy guitar attachment
• Fits most electric or acoustic guitars

Production Time:

This guitar strap will be ready to ship in 5-7 business days after placing the order.

Each piece of leather has it’s own hue and each design is handmade making each piece unique. Please allow slight color or natural variations from the photos.

All designs sold by The Leather Smithy, with the exception of traditional leather craft patterns, are the property of The Leather Smithy, LLC.

Thank you for visiting!

Made in New Hampshire, USA.the

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

Big & Tall (53"-62"), Standard (45"-53")

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