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For all my standard guitar straps, there are two different length options available. These options are:  Standard (approximately 45″-53″), or Big & Tall Long (approximately 53″-62″). The below recommendation is only a suggestion as the length needed depends on different variables such as the guitar player’s height, build, type of guitar, placement of the guitar buttons, how low or high they wear their guitar when playing etc… 

The best bet is to measure an existing guitar strap set at the most commonly used hole. Lay the strap flat on the ground off the guitar and measure from one guitar button hole to the guitar button hole on the other end. This will be the length you need in inches.

A general rule is that for those who are 6’ tall, or who like to wear their guitar lower, you may want to select the “Big & Tall Long” option. **This may not apply to everyone and is only a suggestion due to the variables mentioned above**. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I will help in what way I can.

If you purchase a guitar strap and find that you ordered the wrong length, I do offer 1″ adjustment replacement straps that can be made to a custom length to make the guitar strap you ordered work. This is only a replacement for the 1″ adjustment strap, not the 2.5″ wide guitar strap body. Replacement 1″ adjustments straps cost $30 USD plus shipping. Reach out if you have any questions.

All standard guitar straps are made 2.5 inches wide. Each guitar strap is made up of two parts: The body (2.5″ wide), and the adjustment strap (1″ wide). The 1″ wide adjustment strap interweaves with the body strap. All my guitar straps are adjusted to the closest hole. If more length is needed, the 1 inch adjustment strap can be extended out to the eight other holes.

The four main types of leather are:
1) Full-Grain: Full-grain leather is the highest-quality leather. The top layer of each hide is called full-grain. This layer includes all the grain, and can contain natural markings. This makes each piece of full-grain leather one-of-a-kind and unique. It also adds lots of character to your item. Full-grain leather is durable, and will burnish beautifully as it ages. The leather also softens nicely, yet retains its strength.
2) Top-Grain: Top-grain leather is the second quality choice. Top grain leather is made when any blemishes or scars are removed by sanding down the top layer of the hide. Next, the leather is then refinished. Top-grain leather does not age as well as full-grain leather.
3) Genuine Leather: Genuine leather is the third quality choice. Genuine leather is created from the layers of the hide that is left after the top layers are split off for the higher grades. It is then refinished to look like the higher grades.
4) Bonded Leather: Bonded leather is the lowest quality choice. It is created by gluing the dust and shavings of leather together.

Each item is drawn, dyed, carved, tooled or engraved, painted (if applicable), and finished. Please allow slight color variations from what is seen in the product listing photos. Each piece of leather dyes slightly differently due to its own unique natural hue. Also, because each piece is unique, please allow slight differences in each design.

All items are made using the appropriate oz of leather. Each hide’s thickness or weight is measured in oz. Different products require different oz leather used. For example, a thin bracelet would be made from different oz leather than a sturdy belt or dog collar. Comfort, strength, practicality, durability, and stiffness are all factors that go into selecting the right oz leather for each product.

Each product is handcrafted using new hides of leather. Depending on the item, this may mean that the leather may be a bit stiff at first, as is common with any new leather product. This is a good sign, this means the leather is of good quality and will last. Each product will get softer (varying by degree depending on the item) and break-in with use, yet retain its strength. This is especially true for products like dog collars, leashes, and belts that are made from higher oz leather. 

All items in my shop are hand drawn by me, unless otherwise stated. I do use some traditional western leather craft patterns which is stated in the listing. Please note that if a custom design is requested, I will not accept copyrighted designs.

All designs sold by The Leather Smithy, with exception of traditional leather craft patterns, are the property of The Leather Smithy, LLC (this includes hand drawn custom designs drawn by The Leather Smithy).

If you would like a custom designed guitar strap please fill out the contact form.

There are a few different leather dye options for customized orders. Please see the leather dye color chart.  Also, keep in mind, the darker the color, the less any tooling will show due to lack of contrast and shadowing.

The Leather Smithy offers various different color paint options. If you do not see the color you would like in the paint color chart, please contact me.

All of my standard guitar straps contain holes that attach to 2 pins in the guitar, unless otherwise stated. I do offer resonator guitar straps, but they are only offered if specifically stated in the listing title. Resonator straps attach with a single pin hole and a Chicago screw closure around the headstock/neck of the guitar.

If you need a larger 3/8″ size hole for a strap lock, please contact me. Otherwise all guitar straps will be made with a standard pin guitar strap hole.